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wow! i love them, it came true :) i’m a fan so i’m happy..

if your a fan of taeyeon and baekhyun and are happy for what you saw and heard congratulations :) your soooo open-minded . for others well its really sad to see so much hate fpr both of them , i mean why feel betrayed? its not like they promised to marry you after being an idol, they’re still human thay have feelings. and all of the things in instagram that you are mad about.. duhhh! its not like the can say it out loud and tag each other on their posts so you people wont be angry about your so called “discoveries”..

its just unfair seeing so many negative comments about them. its just simple things so why complicate them. if you don’t like news scandals roumors about baekyeon then don’t waste your time bashing them, let them be . if you like them then give them some attention. but never say that you feel betrayed because baek and taeyeon doesnt even know one of us. they are who they are thats their choice. learn how to respect. and just accept it.

for me , true or not. i’m happy for them. they have their own lives so why bother. i’ll just respect them because they are happy. also they are in love, they’re still human beings theres nothing to be mad about. :)

??? our lovely leader with who???

this is so hard but i think she’s better with suho when it comes to my over-all OTPs:)
but still for exopink pairings i think ChoHan is the best! ♥

no bashing please. this is just my opinion

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